Crestal Bone Drill Legacy3

Demonstrated with a 3.2mmD Legacy3 Implant

Drill Guide Demo

Overview of Drill Guides and usage

Extraction Tools

Extraction Tools for implants and screws

FAQ: Drill Sequence RePlant System

Drill sequence for RePlant System Implants

Legacy2 - 7mm

Surgical procedure for a Legacy2 7.0mmD diameter implant

RePlant Dense Bone Protocol

Dense bone insertion options for RePlant implants

Guided Surgery Handles Demo

Demonstration of the Guided Surgery Tray, handles and tools

Legacy Dense Bone Protocol

Legacy System dense bone insertion options

ScrewRedirect Complete

ScrewRedirect surgical and prosthetic procedures

Guided Surgery Handles Demo

Fixture-Mount Demonstration for the InterActive Implant

Surgical Tray RePlant

Demonstration of the RePlant Guided Surgery Tray, handles and demo

Surgical Tray Spectra-System Detailed

Detailed demonstration of the Spectra-System Guided Surgery Tray